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- John Cotton Dana

Train the Trainer

Our Train the Trainer programme can be driven by your needs and will benefit people in diverse training, leadership, operational, communications and consulting roles.





pot-icon.jpgPlanning & Preparation

Set your presentations up for success by understanding the implication of the latest learning preferences research.  Specific audience identification and research tips
are guaranteed to make your message
meaningful and memorable.




Design & Development

Make sure no-one gets lost or zones out on you by learning the art of keeping it simple. 

From structuring the session to create a logical flow to producing reference materials and review structures, free yourself up to focus on delivery by getting the design right!



Presentation Skills

Understand how to leverage your own personality strengths to tap into the power of storytelling, build interaction and use visuals to create a lasting impact.  Get these skills down and you can deliver truly awe inspiring sessions!



"Full Potential's Train the Trainer course is world class.  Claire has the ability to blend the participants together and combine learning that sticks with having a fun and growth experience.  She is fantastic at making all participants feel comfortable and contributory to the class."

Jim Oxley,
Commercial Manager,

Private Healthcare Retail


"I was truly blown away by Full Potential's Train the Trainer course. As a business owner with more than 30 years experience in public speaking I didn't expect to learn so much!  Really impressive tips on using hypnotic language and story telling skills to draw your audience in.  I'd highly recommend this course."

Trainer, Director
Hypnotherapy Practice


"This course helped our team understand that different people learn differently and provided very practical tools and tips to help keep people engaged. Full Potential also provided very useful resources for people to take away. It really benefited our business and I see several our team incorporate many of the tools in the courses that they present."

Daniel Hempstead,
Operations Director,
Bay Audiology

"This workshop was extremely useful; it focused attention on the key skills of a trainer in a way that was easy to understand.  The course material had a natural flow with plenty of interactive sessions so we understood how to apply the theory.  Claire delivered her material in a professional and engaging manner which maintained everyone’s interest throughout the day.

Gary Young,


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