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The Art of Helping

Imagine if everyone in the organisation was as galvanised to succeed as a business entrepreneur; nothing would be out of reach!  Make it a reality with a collaborative, win: win approach which generates lasting results you can be proud of.




pot-icon.jpgClick With Every Client

Are there some clients you click with immediately and others that seem ‘difficult’ from the start?  Everyone is somebody’s ‘difficult’ person.  Learn how to identify character archetypes and give them what they need so that they’re never difficult again!


seed-bag-icon.jpgGive Them What They Need

Boost your bottom line and your reputation with these collaborative, ethical sales skills – a process and lasting results you can be proud of.


seed-bag-icon.jpgCultural Diversity

Have you ever unwittingly offended a potential client due to cultural differences?  Develop strong relationships with diverse client groups by getting a better understanding of what the world looks like from their perspective.


seed-bag-icon.jpgThe Consumer Guarantees Act

The Consumer Guarantees Act is in place to protect consumers and retailers, but what exactly does it cover?  Make sure you stay on the right side of this legislation.


seed-bag-icon.jpgHandling Complaints Positively

Research repeatedly shows that handling complaints graciously significantly strengthens your relationship with the client.  Learn to relish the opportunity to turn a complainant into a passionate advocate! 



Course Evaluation

Make sure the new culture of success sticks. 

We use the measurable Kirkpatrick approach to evaluation and can work with you to assess the
four key markers: reaction, learning, behaviour
and results.


OTS_watering_can.JPGOngoing Learning

Personal case-study journal and access to online videos, articles and updates weekly for 21 weeks.



“This workshop really helped me see each client as an individual, which helps me relate to them better. Also, the skills I learned mean that I now come across as more confident so my clients feel comfortable to follow my advice.”

New Graduate Advisor,
Professional Services

"I really enjoyed the game at the end of the day to review what we had learned in a fun way, in fact all the activities were really well planned and thought out. I'm itching to put my new skills to good use!"

Store Manager / Team Leader,
National Retail Chain

"The best part of the whole learning session was the way Claire presented it; usually such sessions can become monotonous after a few hours but this one not only managed to keep me awake, but also kept my interest level high and I actually enjoyed every part of it."

Senior Clinician, 
Private Healthcare Chain 

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