Open_quote_adobe_-_PALER_TEAL.JPGBecome the kind of leader that people would follow voluntarily; even if you had no title or position.Closed_quote_adobe_-_PALER_TEAL.JPG

- Brian Tracy

Power Through People

Boost productivity, engagement and retention across your workforce with these transformational leadership methods.





Introduction to Leadership

Why does that star employee suddenly seem
to lose their enthusiasm in a new role? How
do you correct mistakes without
damaging morale? Get inside your team's
heads and learn how to keep them motivated.



Create High Performing Teams

Understand team dynamics and
manage performance effectively to
cultivate an environment in which
productivity flourishes.



pot-icon.jpgDelegation & Coaching

When you invest time demonstrating trust in your people you'll be amazed at their capabilities!  Set your people up for success with strategic delegation. Develop a coaching culture to foster independence, ownership and innovation. 



Course Evaluation

Make sure the new culture of success sticks. 

We use the measurable Kirkpatrick approach to evaluation and can work with you to assess the
four key markers: reaction, learning, behaviour
and results.


OTS_watering_can.JPGOngoing Learning

When you book the full course, each participant recieves a durable desktop reference and weekly online / email updates for 21 weeks from the final workshop.



"I have had the opportunity throughout my 30 year career to attend various trainings that have shared topics with those contained in this programme.  None of them have been as effective.  Thank you!"

Chief Financial Officer, Professional Services

"As a bit of a cynic about corporate training, I am amazed at how much of an effect the 'Power Through People' course has had on me, not only as a leader but also as a human being. Claire was inspiring!"

Store Manager,
National Retail Chain

"I am so enjoying the 'Power Through People' worskshops, they have been so informative and, just as important, so much fun.  At no stage have I become bored or wanted to go to sleep! 

Claire keeps everything flowing and we are learning so much along the way.  She has done an amazing job."

Clinical Leader, 
Private Healthcare Chain 

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