Open_quote_adobe_-_PALER_TEAL.JPGNobody makes a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.Closed_quote_adobe_-_PALER_TEAL.JPG 

- Edmund Burke

Classroom Learning

You can book our off the shelf programmes directly, license the content to your business through a "Train the Trainer" approach, or get in touch with us to have a programme tailored to your unique needs.

Leadership & Management

Power Through People

Boost productivity, engagement and retention across your workforce.  Step it up a few notches with this transformational leadership programme that equips your people leaders to inspire their teams to new heights.  

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Manager's Toolkit

Make sure your managers get it right first time. From running effective team meetings to managing a disgruntled employee, these eLearning modules make sure your business as usual is in good shape. 

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Presenting & Facilitation Skills

Train the Trainer

Obliterate learning apathy and boost engagement with the power of story telling.  

Whether you're delivering technical training or aiming to inspire others to your point of view, learn how to create effective, engaging presentations and learning experiences that continue to motivate people long after
the session has ended.   

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Sales & Service

The Art of Helping

Discover the joy of genuinely connecting with your customers and using collaborative, problem solving sales skills to give them what they really need. 

This is a blended, modular course which includes  face to face workshops, eLearning modules and on-the-job reflection activities.  Pick and choose the elements your people need most right now. 

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Self Leadership


Clear Thinking

Equip your people with the time, stress and energy management skills and perspective to perform graciously and consistently, even under pressure.

This course can be completed entirely online, or create an impact with a blended approach which includes a half day workshop plus a series of elearning modules. 

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