Open_quote_adobe_-_PALER_TEAL.JPGQuality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it.Closed_quote_adobe_-_PALER_TEAL.JPG

- Peter Drucker

What Our Clients Say

Open_quote_adobe_-_grey.JPGFull Potential have cleverly taken our culture and key business 'must-knows' and put them into an e-learning format we can share with our broader team.  From discovery to delivery Claire has delighted the Les Mills International staff with her ability to pull insights from our existing and somewhat manual on-boarding process into something slick, intuitive and scaleable. Feedback from new tribe members has been extremely positive. They now get the information they need, served up the way they like it and are contributing to the business quicker. Our Health and Safety requirements are now tidily dealt with as well. Win, Win. Thanks Claire!Closed_quote_adobe_-_grey.JPG

- Emma Barry, People & Culture Director, Les Mills International



Open_quote_adobe_-_grey.JPGFull Potential have done a fantastic job with Bay Audiology.  Claire and Jilly are passionate and engaged people, they put a huge amount of time and thought into all solutions they prepare and it really shows through. Claire has been instrumental in developing our learning and development program which has helped significantly develop key staff within the company and delivered financial results to our business.Closed_quote_adobe_-_grey.JPG

- Daniel Hempstead, Operations Director, Bay Audiology

Open_quote_adobe_-_grey.JPGI can highly recommend Claire as an organisational or individual trainer/mentor.  Having previously worked and experienced training with McDonalds and Noel Leeming Group I feel I have a good point of reference to judge her work by. Claire is always concerned with understanding the operational needs of the business and ensuring her training aligns with these to provide a tangible ROI.  She is cognisant of the organisation's needs and delivers at every level and touch point - for example she is just as powerful talking to our annual conference as she is in individual coaching. Claire is easy to work with and committed to providing added value at both a Learning & Development level and general organisational growth and comes with the breadth of experience to deliver that.

Some trainers talk a great game , Claire and Jilly deliver what they promise each and every time.Closed_quote_adobe_-_grey.JPG 

- Jim Oxley, Commercial Manager, Bay Audiology


Open_quote_adobe_-_grey.JPGFull Potential have delivered several high quality workshops for IBANZ College.  I personally attended the “Train the Trainer” workshop and found it extremely useful; it focused attention on the key skills of a trainer in a way that was easy to understand.  The course material had a natural flow with plenty of interactive sessions so we understood how to apply the theory. 
Claire delivered her material in a professional and engaging manner which maintained everyone’s interest throughout the day.Closed_quote_adobe_-_grey.JPG

- Gary Young, CEO, IBANZ Inc



What Learners Say

“This workshop (The Art of Helping) really helped me see each client as an individual, which helps me relate to them better. Also, the skills I learned mean that I now come across as more confident so my clients feel comfortable to follow my advice.”

New Graduate Advisor,
Professional Services

"I have had the opportunity throughout my 30 year career to attend various trainings that have shared topics with those contained
in this programme (Power Through People).  None of them have been
as effective.  Thank you!"

Chief Financial Officer, Professional Services

"Full Potential's Train the Trainer course is world class.  Claire has the ability to blend the participants together and combine learning that sticks with having a fun and growth experience.  She is fantastic at making all participants feel comfortable and contributory to the class."

Commercial Manager,
Private Healthcare Retail

"As a bit of a cynic about corporate training, I am amazed at how much of an effect the 'Power Through People' course has had on me, not only as a leader but also as a human being. Claire was inspiring!"

Store Manager,
National Retail Chain

"I was truly blown away by Full
Potential's Train the Trainer course. As a business owner with more than 30 years experience in public speaking I didn't expect to learn so much!  Really impressive tips on using hypnotic language and story telling skills to draw your audience in.  I'd highly recommend this course."

Trainer, Director
Hypnotherapy Practice

"I really enjoyed the game at the end of the day to review what we had learned in a fun way, in fact all the activities in The Art of Helping were really well planned and thought out. I'm itching to put my new skills to good use!"

Store Manager / Team Leader,
National Retail Chain


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